How to become a YouTuber #1: Four Questions to Determine what Type of Channel You Should Start!

Inspired by all your favourite YouTubers? Want to give it a go yourself? Don’t know what type of videos you want to make? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve come to the right place.


Immediately after deciding that you want to make YouTube videos, the next concern that you might wonder is the type of videos you are going to make. Although it might initially appear to be an easy question to answer with just two genres to choose from gaming or vlogs, it unfortunately becomes a bit more confusing when you start. So here’s a quick guide to help you out!

1. What videos are you into?

The best way to determine what type of videos you should make is to analyse the Youtubers you watch personally in your free time. You can’t make daily vlogs if you don’t watch any for instance. If you enjoy watching a certain genre of YouTube video, chances are greater that you’ll be better at making them too.


Zoella (Pictured here) is well known for her “Haul” videos and makeup tutorials. She might have ten million people who are subscribed to her, but there are many other kinds of videos you can choose make.

2. What are you really good at?

Is there a certain talent you have? It could be playing an instrument, make-up, building a computer, history, or even just being funny. Knowing a lot about a certain subject will make your YouTube journey a lot easier, for you are merely just turning something your are already good at, into a video format! So think about the talents you have, and use them

3. Copy the big Youtubers

This step is probably a bit controversial, but stay with me. What are the popular channels right now? You might not like their content, but they are undeniably very popular and thus must have some appeal. When you’re starting out, the a large problem you’ll run into is the lack of direction. Try looking at these big channels, and deconstruct them. Look at the content of their videos,their editing, the structure. Look for reasons why they’re popular and what makes them work. Hopefully you will find some inspiration for your own channel from this process.


Doddleoddle (Pictured here) originally modelled her channel on Charlieissocoollike’s channel (The then most popular YouTuber vlogger). She made challenge videos and wrote original ukulele songs like Charlie, but since, she has created her own unique identity.

4. What do you enjoy doing?

You might really enjoy watching baking videos, but if you dislike the prospect of cleaning up after, it might not be the best option. You might also like the idea of making short films an skits, but you don’t like the idea of organising a huge shoot. Starting a gaming channel could also be unenjoyable if you don’t like talking while you concentrate shooting zombies. Finding what type if videos you will actually enjoy making is likely the most important step in starting your channel, for at the beginning, you won’t have a large audience. So make sure you enjoy making your videos, otherwise you won’t have the drive to continue your channel.


Bertie Gilbert is a passionate filmmaker. As a result, his Youtube channel reflects his passion

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